Gour Nitai - Size 14

Gour Nitai - Size 14
  • ₹29,260.00

Bringing glory to Nadia Sri Sri Gour Nitai is showering their mercy. Made in Nabadwip Dham by sculptures that are doing deity making for generations. These beautiful deities will light up your home with happiness and joy. 

Made from seasoned need wood and painted with good quality paint that allows you to do abhishek on them with out any problem. Neem wood is used to give the deities longevity and strength. They are also excellent for taking out on harinam, as they are quite light to carry unlike brass deities which can be very heavy. 

What's great is that these deities are already ready to be shipped so no waiting time. Order them now to have them with in a week at your home.

Irradiation charges may apply for some selected countries. Please check with us to know more details.

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