Narsimha with Prahlad Maharaj

Narsimha with Prahlad Maharaj
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Gopal Soft Toys

Modeled after the most pacified and happiest form of the nine Narasimhadeva deities of Ahobilam, this sweet replica invokes the Lord's merciful blessings to all the devotees in this age of Kali. This durable and lovable Narasimhadeva comes as a set with His purest child-devotee Prahlad Maharaja to become a life-long protector for your child.

Narasimha's body color is a light tan shade and dressed in a yellow dhoti with a soft satin sash; Prahlad Maharaja's body is a golden yellow color and is dressed in green garments. Both dolls have intricately embroidered facial features, chest decorations, hands, and feet, and are beautifully decorated with pure Tulasi neck-beads, colorful bead necklaces, soft woolen ball 'flower' garlands, and real earrings. Narasimhadeva also comes complete with an embroidered crown and a soft, comb-able woolen hair mane in fiery orange color.

Narasimhadeva stands at 21 inches (52.5 cm) tall and Prahlad is 7 inches (17.5 cm) tall. Both are surface washable.